Lothian True Blues

Club Rules


  • Membership fees must be paid between the AGM and the first time a member travels with the club, but no later than the deadline date set by the committee. Failure to pay by expiry of the deadline date will result in a withdrawal of membership privileges
  • Members will be provided with a membership card (and ‘valid’ season sticker if required), and must produce this if requested to do so by any committee member
  • Club memberships are non-transferable between individuals  
  • Club membership does not guarantee any member a seat on a club run bus or a ticket for a match (where the club applies for tickets) when demand exceeds supply. In the event of this occurring the club loyalty points system will determine who is eligible to travel or receive tickets    


  • Members wishing to travel with the club must confirm to the relevant Bus Convenor (home or away) by the deadline date requested. Failure to do so may lead to the member being refused travel
  • If a member books a seat and is unable to travel they must advise the relevant bus convenor (home or away) as soon as possible to enable the seat to be re-allocated
  • Booked seats are not transferable
  • Non-members will only be permitted to travel with the club if previously agreed by the relevant Bus Convenor (home or away)
  • Bus departure points and leaving times will be provided to members / non-members by the relevant Bus Convenor (home or away). These will not be posted on the club website
  • Home bus fares for both members and non-members will be payable as agreed at the AGM. No concession will be granted if the member / non-member are required to stand. For matches away from Ibrox Stadium the bus fares will be set by the relevant convenor depending on travel arrangements / distance etc  
  • If a member / non- member is only planning to travel one way (through or back) the full bus fare will apply in all circumstances 
  • Any member booking a seat and not turning up without informing the relevant bus convenor (home or away) no later than 24 hours prior to the bus leaving time will be liable to pay the fare and will be temporarily suspended from the club until this is paid. 


  • Match tickets received by the club (home, away, neutral) will be allocated to members applying via the club loyalty points system (operated by the committee)
  • Club tickets are not transferable between members
  • Should a member who is allocated a club ticket not be able to attend, the club will initially attempt to provide the ticket to another member (via the points system). Thereafter will attempt to sell the ticket. Failure to do so may result in the member having to pay for the ticket
  • Any member requesting and being allocated a club ticket who does not turn up will be liable to pay for that ticket and will be temporarily suspended from the club until this is paid


  • Strictly no alcohol, illegal substances or pyrotechnics are permitted on club buses at any time. Any member found abusing this rule will face an immediate indefinite ban. No warnings will be given
  • Any member verbally or physically abusing a traveller on the bus (including a committee member carrying out club duties) will face disciplinary action at the discretion of the committee including a potential lifetime ban from the club
  • Any member bringing a guest(s) on the bus is fully responsible for the behaviour of said individual(s) and should any issues arise the member may face disciplinary action kin addition to the guest
  • Any individual  who is banned from attending Rangers FC matches (Rangers FC / Football banning order etc) will also be excluded from travelling with the club until such a ban is lifted
  • A club AGM will be held in the period between seasons
  • Committee decisions will be regarded as final

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